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Lobbyist registrations

Stanton Park Group for Insignia Health

Date received: July 2, 2013

Issues: Health Issues

Specific issue: increase awareness regarding the ability of Patient Activation Measurement (PAM) to reduce healthcare costs and increase effectiveness

Derderian, James (covered positions: CoS, House Commerce; LA, LD, Rep. Bliley; Chief of Staff, House Commerce Committee; LA, LD, Policy Advisor for Rep. Tom Bliley )
Henry, Valerie (covered positions: LD, Rep. Walden; LA, Sen. John Warner; LA, Sen. Mike Crapo; LD, Rep. Walden; Policy Advisor, Rep. Walden; LA, Senator Crapo; LA, Senator Warner )
Lyden, Patrick (covered positions: CoS, Rep. Fitzpatrick and Rep. Fallin; CoS, Rep. Fitzpatrick and Rep. Fallin; Parliamentarian, Govt. Reform and Oversight Comm; Prof. Staff, Education and Workforce Comm. )
RUSSELL, RICHARD (covered positions: LD, Staff Dir. Senate Commerce Committee; CoS, Assoc. Dir, EOP OSTP; Ambassador to World Radiocommunication Conf; Sen. Dir, for Tech/Telecom, Natl Econ Council; Dep Cos, Staff Dir, Pro Staff House Science Com; Pro Staff, House Merchant Marine & Fisheries )
Strawn, Erin (covered positions: LA, Rep. Cunningham; Associate, House Appropriations Committee; Appropriations Associate for Rep. Duke Cunningham; LA, Rep. Cunningham; SA, EA, LA, LD, Rep. C. Weldon )

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