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Follow Washington influence using Sunlight’s Lobbying Tracker tools for keeping up with K street. Keep checking this page as we add more resources and tools to LobbyTrack.

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Lobbyist registrations

The lobbying registration tracker has a new home on Sunlight's Influence Explorer, and this version may not be up to date. Check out the new real-time lobbying registration tracker for the latest updates.

TwinLogic Strategies

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Date Registrant Client Issues
6/1/15 TwinLogic Strategies Music.Innovation.Consumers Coalition "MIC" Copyright/Patent/Trademark, Labor Issues/Antitrust/Workplace View registration
4/19/15 TwinLogic Strategies Porter and Korvick, P.A. Insurance, Law Enforcement/Crime/Criminal Justice View registration
4/18/15 TwinLogic Strategies Accenture Computer Industry, Consumer Issues/Safety/Products, Homeland Security View registration
3/9/15 TwinLogic Strategies Pew Charitable Trusts Energy/Nuclear, Taxation/Internal Revenue Code View registration
3/9/15 TwinLogic Strategies HTC AMERICA INC Consumer Issues/Safety/Products, Copyright/Patent/Trademark, Health Issues, Science/Technology, Telecommunications View registration
2/6/15 TwinLogic Strategies Citigroup Management Corp Consumer Issues/Safety/Products, Telecommunications View registration
1/15/15 TwinLogic Strategies The Internet Infrastructure Coalition (I2Coalition) Copyright/Patent/Trademark, Intelligence, Science/Technology, Telecommunications, Trade (Domestic/Foreign) View registration
1/15/15 TwinLogic Strategies Zebra Technologies Computer Industry, Copyright/Patent/Trademark, Health Issues, Science/Technology, Transportation View registration
1/15/15 TwinLogic Strategies Engine Advocacy Education, Labor Issues/Antitrust/Workplace, Science/Technology View registration
4/15/14 TwinLogic Strategies Lyft Consumer Issues/Safety/Products, Labor Issues/Antitrust/Workplace, Transportation View registration
10/15/13 TwinLogic Strategies McGovern and Associates Consumer Issues/Safety/Products, Health Issues View registration
7/10/13 TwinLogic Strategies Sprint Corp Telecommunications View registration
2/28/13 TwinLogic Strategies Motorola Mobility Consumer Issues/Safety/Products, Copyright/Patent/Trademark, Telecommunications, Trade (Domestic/Foreign) View registration
11/1/11 TwinLogic Strategies DIRECTV Group Communications/Broadcasting/Radio/Tv, Copyright/Patent/Trademark, Taxation/Internal Revenue Code, Telecommunications View registration
11/1/11 TwinLogic Strategies NetCoalition Copyright/Patent/Trademark View registration
10/18/11 TwinLogic Strategies COBLENCE & ASSOCIATES ON BEHALF OF FASHION PIRACY INFORMAL COALITION Copyright/Patent/Trademark View registration
6/8/11 TwinLogic Strategies Consumer Electronics Assn Communications/Broadcasting/Radio/Tv, Copyright/Patent/Trademark, Energy/Nuclear, Trade (Domestic/Foreign), Transportation View registration
5/20/11 TwinLogic Strategies Yahoo! Inc Consumer Issues/Safety/Products, Copyright/Patent/Trademark, Foreign Relations View registration
5/17/11 TwinLogic Strategies Rural Cellular Assn Labor Issues/Antitrust/Workplace, Small Business, Telecommunications View registration
5/16/11 TwinLogic Strategies Pandora Media Inc. Copyright/Patent/Trademark View registration
10/20/10 TwinLogic Strategies Coblence & Assoc Copyright/Patent/Trademark View registration
7/17/10 TwinLogic Strategies Entertainment Industry Cltn/Free Trade Copyright/Patent/Trademark, Trade (Domestic/Foreign) View registration
7/13/10 TwinLogic Strategies EarthLink Inc Communications/Broadcasting/Radio/Tv, Telecommunications View registration
4/9/10 TwinLogic Strategies Motorola Inc Budget/Appropriations, Copyright/Patent/Trademark, Taxation/Internal Revenue Code, Trade (Domestic/Foreign), Communications/Broadcasting/Radio/Tv, Telecommunications View registration
3/22/10 TwinLogic Strategies Truste Consumer Issues/Safety/Products, Computer Industry View registration
3/22/10 TwinLogic Strategies Chevron Corp Agriculture, Trade (Domestic/Foreign), Fuel/Gas/Oil View registration
3/19/10 TwinLogic Strategies Consumer Issues/Safety/Products, Copyright/Patent/Trademark, Taxation/Internal Revenue Code, Telecommunications, Trucking/Shipping View registration
1/18/10 TwinLogic Strategies Copyright/Patent/Trademark View registration
10/15/09 TwinLogic Strategies Blog with Integrity Consumer Issues/Safety/Products, Advertising View registration
10/13/09 TwinLogic Strategies Online Publishers Association Consumer Issues/Safety/Products, Media (Information/Publishing), Advertising View registration