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Follow Washington influence using Sunlight’s Lobbying Tracker tools for keeping up with K street. Keep checking this page as we add more resources and tools to LobbyTrack.

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Lobbyist registrations

The lobbying registration tracker has a new home on Sunlight's Influence Explorer, and this version may not be up to date. Check out the new real-time lobbying registration tracker for the latest updates.

Lobbyist: Madigan, Peter

Covered positions

  • CoS, U.S. Trade Representative Robert Zoellick

Recent registrations

Date Registrant Client Issues
10/8/15 Peck, Madigan et al Delta Airlines Aviation/Airlines/Airports, Budget/Appropriations, Fuel/Gas/Oil, Taxation/Internal Revenue Code View registration
4/20/15 Peck, Madigan et al Hauck Strategies, LLC (obo HollyFrontier Corporation) Fuel/Gas/Oil View registration
11/14/14 Peck, Madigan et al Anti-Defamation League Foreign Relations View registration
3/14/14 Peck, Madigan et al Crossroads Strategies LLC (obo HollyFrontier Corporation) Fuel/Gas/Oil View registration
3/10/14 Peck, Madigan et al Consumers and Refiners United for Domestic Energy Fuel/Gas/Oil View registration
7/12/13 Peck, Madigan et al Cuba Democracy Public Advocacy Corp Foreign Relations View registration
5/21/13 Peck, Madigan et al Intel Corporation Copyright/Patent/Trademark, Homeland Security, Immigration, Telecommunications, Trade (Domestic/Foreign) View registration
3/5/13 Peck, Madigan et al Environmental Defense Fund Environment/Superfund View registration
10/3/12 Peck, Madigan et al Environmental Defense Action Fund Budget/Appropriations, Environment/Superfund View registration
7/13/12 Peck, Madigan et al Facebook, Inc. Computer Industry, Consumer Issues/Safety/Products, Financial Institutions/Investments/Securities, Telecommunications View registration
6/19/12 Peck, Madigan et al Whirlpool Corporation Manufacturing, Trade (Domestic/Foreign) View registration
2/24/12 Peck, Madigan et al US-Russia Business Council Trade (Domestic/Foreign) View registration
2/15/12 Peck, Madigan et al The Ickes & Enright Group, Inc. (On behalf of Supreme Group USA, LLC) Defense, Government Issues View registration
12/12/11 Peck, Madigan et al Kleiner, Perkins et al Energy/Nuclear View registration
4/5/11 Peck, Madigan et al AT&T Inc Labor Issues/Antitrust/Workplace, Telecommunications View registration
11/15/10 Peck, Madigan et al Ford Motor Co Financial Institutions/Investments/Securities, Trade (Domestic/Foreign), Automotive Industry View registration
11/15/10 Peck, Madigan et al ABM Industries, Inc. Budget/Appropriations, Government Issues, Energy/Nuclear View registration
6/1/10 Peck, Madigan et al Hertz Corp Labor Issues/Antitrust/Workplace, Automotive Industry View registration
1/15/10 Peck, Madigan et al Tyco International Taxation/Internal Revenue Code, Trade (Domestic/Foreign), Energy/Nuclear, Homeland Security View registration
10/15/09 Peck, Madigan et al Deutsche Bank Securities Inc. Environment/Superfund, Financial Institutions/Investments/Securities, Banking, Commodities (Big Ticket) View registration
10/6/09 Peck, Madigan et al Quantum Leap Innovations, Inc. Budget/Appropriations, Health Issues, Homeland Security, Science/Technology, Disaster Planning/Emergencies View registration
7/7/09 Peck, Madigan et al Putera Sampoerna Foreign Relations, Education View registration
5/8/09 Peck, Madigan et al Secretary of State, State of Delaware Budget/Appropriations, Education, Transportation, Health Issues, Environment/Superfund, Financial Institutions/Investments/Securities, Government Issues, Energy/Nuclear, Housing View registration
4/3/09 Peck, Madigan et al ONE ACTION (FORMERLY ONE CAMPAIGN) Budget/Appropriations, Health Issues View registration
3/4/09 Peck, Madigan et al Pentagon Federal Credit Union Financial Institutions/Investments/Securities, Banking View registration
1/21/09 Peck, Madigan et al Robertson, Julian H Environment/Superfund View registration