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  1. Wild Wednesday of fundraising feat. Bon Jovi, Billie Jean King, Killer Mike and more

    While we trot to the office and lethargically work after surviving the #blizzard2016, our lawmakers are out raising money. (Fundraising does not hibernate.) In one of the craziest days of the 2016 campaign trail, here are some of the most notable fundraisers happening on Jan. 27th. Was the...  

  2. The Top Holiday Gifts from 2016 Presidential Candidates

    While Christmas is just around the corner, we know many of you are making the mad dash for last minute gifts. For the political junkie in every family, or that friend who needs an extra coffee cup, Political Party Time has you covered. 1: Rand Paul Fake Hard Drive Probably your next paperweight,...  

  3. And then there were 3: The latest fundraising activity from 2016 Democratic hopefuls

    There’s still more than 10 major GOP candidates left running for president. That must be music to the ears of the Democratic contenders. But they also make their own. One can serenade you with timeless ballads, one enjoys being sung to by a different voice and another enjoys the 1960’s garage-rock...  

  4. New stash of GOP invites reveals cross-country fundraising for 2016 hopefuls

    As candidates ride their respective waves from last week’s CNBC GOP debate, Political Party Time is keeping track of the money flowing into their campaign coffers. Thanks to some shoe leather and some good sources, the Party Time team obtained a trove of fundraisers for some of the top GOP...  

  5. Summer of Jeb: 36 newly uncovered fundraisers show big 2016 money race

    Political Party Time just got our hands on a stash of 36 summer fundraisers for former Gov. Jeb Bush, making it the most comprehensive, public place to research how his campaign is soliciting donations from wealthy donors. The events, criss-crossing the country from Lake Tahoe to Nantucket to...  

  6. Hillary Clinton’s guide to throwing a house party

    Hillary Clinton may be raising more than half a million dollars a day, but in a guide written by her campaign intended for grassroots event hosts the emphasis is on the collection of data about attendees. The document, obtained by the Sunlight Foundation’s Political Party Time and embedded...  

  7. Candidates see green in Orange County

    It’s a busy week in Orange County, where three Republican presidential candidates will be traveling to fundraise for a wide-open primary.  

  8. Clyburn’s cable conundrum

    Here at Political Party Time, we depend on a network of reliable, anonymous sources to keep us (and you!) informed about where and with whom our elected officials are spending their time. We got a notification about an event—the “Annual Tech, Telecom & Cable Dinner”—featuring Rep....  

  9. PT Round-up: Hillary Clinton does 5 more fundraisers, Sen. Rand Paul parties in Baltimore and California, Sen. Marco Rubio collects cash with Oracle founder Larry Ellison, and Sen. Lindsey Graham raises money for his leadership PAC

    Politicians continue to crisscross the country for campaign cash this week, and Party Time is the only place with all of the details. We’ve got our finger on the pulse of the who, what, where and when of political fundraising from sea to shining sea.  

  10. PT Round-up: Hillary Clinton headlines 8 fundraisers, Sen. Marco Rubio keynotes a party in Connecticut, Democrats throw their support behind Ted Strickland and Sen. Joni Ernst makes ‘em squeal at a pig roast

    Welcome to June, party people! As summer heats up the nation’s capital, the party animals who are your elected representatives continue to go big on the campaign cash circuit. This week’s social calendar features shindigs from the Lone Star State to the Empire State.  

  11. PT Round-up: Gov. Chris Christie does fundraisers in New York and New Jersey, GOP hopefuls come out for Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley, Hillary Clinton is a fundraising fiend and Martin O’Malley parties pre-announcement

    Party people, this long weekend of BBQs and sunshine marks the unofficial start to summer, and politicians are celebrating the seasonal shift with some good, old-fashioned political partying. While us regular Janes and Joes are thrilled to enjoy a Monday holiday, Congress heads home for a full...  

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Christmas comes early? US Chamber spends $750k in one week

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce spent an astounding $750,000 in the past week alone on ad buys for mainstream Republican candidates in four different races, including Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. and Senate hopeful Rep. Shelly Moore Capito, R-W.V.

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IRS takes aim at $300 million campaign influence industry

Updated: 11/26; 6 p.m.

Tuesday's surprise announcement that the Internal Revenue Service intends to take aim at campaign spending by so-called social welfare non-profits could substantially alter the political landscape  -- if the tax agency's proposed new regulations eventually take effect. That's a big if given the lengthy and, given the stakes involved, highly contentious path ahead.

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Happy Thankgiving! How does campaign cash affect the food on your plate?

Thanksgiving is nearly upon us, with President Barack Obama scheduled to deliver the annual stay of execution for the National Thanksgiving Turkey on Wednesday. But on Capitol Hill, there's less goodwill: An end to the impasse on the farm bill is not in sight. Last year at this time we reported that Congress had let the massive bill that governs farm programs as well as food programs for the needy expired months before the holiday; this year is much the same, with little hope of the lawmakers -- who are off on their own holiday recess -- coming to agreement come December let alone by Thanksgiving Day.

Where there's controversy, there's political money, and agribusiness continues to pour campaign contributions into the coffers of the members of Congress who matter most:  So far this election cycle, top recipients of donations from agricultural services companies, according to Sunlight's Influence Explorer  were Rep. Frank Lucas, R-Okla, who happens to be chairman of the House Agriculture Committee, and Sen. Mitch McConnell, R-Ky. He serves on the Senate Agriculture Committee but, perhaps more to the point, he happens to be the Senate Republican leader. He's also facing a tough reelection fight next year that's likely to make him especially grateful for contributions.

MORE: See Party Time's list of fundraisers for members of the House Agriculture Committee and the Senate Agriculture Committee.

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