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Buried Treasure What we don't know about money in America

The federal government maintains vast treasure troves of important financial data, but discloses little. It holds the power to compel corporate America to report much more, but rarely does.

This page serves as a hub for our reporting on this financial data. Who has it? Why it is important? What is publicly available? How can you get it?

On this site you will find stories, links to databases and other resources. Have an idea for a story? Let us know.

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  1. Top financial regulators meets with industry leaders, lobbyists

    Elizabeth Warren, who has been charged with setting up the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, reported more meetings with individuals outside the government in December than any other Treasury official working on implementation of the Dodd-Frank financial law.

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  2. Overlooked part of Dodd-Frank law could keep information from the public

    Buried in the massive Dodd-Frank financial law is a section that could prevent the public from obtaining records the government collects as part of its new oversight of hedge funds and other private funds managed by investment advisers.

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  3. Information scarce on bids for failed banks

    The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) is making less information available to the public about how it is dealing with the rising number of bank failures in 2010. Over the last year, the agency has failed to post a complete list of bids on 41 percent of the deals it makes with other banks to take over failing institutions--and what information it does provide is more limited than before.

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