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Follow Washington influence using Sunlight’s Lobbying Tracker tools for keeping up with K street. Keep checking this page as we add more resources and tools to LobbyTrack.

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Lobbying Registration Tracker

The Lobbyist Registration Tracker, updated weekly, shows which special interests have hired new lobbyists within the last 45 days and includes all registrants since 2008.

March 26

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Post Employment Tracker

The Post Employment Tracker shows when covered congressional officials—former members and high-ranking staffers—can legally begin to lobby their old colleagues, though note that not everyone listed has become a lobbyist.

Legal to Lobby as of April 1

Legal to Lobby as of April 2

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Foreign Lobbying Filings

Representatives of foreign governments, political parties and government-controlled entities must disclose detailed information about their work to influence U.S. policy. These are the latest filings submitted under the Foreign Agent Registration Act.

Filings on July 11

Filings on July 8

  • British Virgin Islands Tourist Board submitted a Supplemental Statement. View filing »

Filings on July 7

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Other Lobbying Resources

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Party Time contains invitations to fundraisers for members of Congress sent to lobbyists; registered lobbyists sometimes host these events.

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