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Lobbyist registrations

Ogilvy Government Relations for NIKE Inc.

Date received: Oct. 21, 2013

Issues: Copyright/Patent/Trademark; Health Issues; Sports/Athletics; Taxation/Internal Revenue Code; Trade (Domestic/Foreign)

Specific issue: Trade, Tax, Health, Sports and Privacy issues

Aguillen, Dean (covered positions: Advr, Pelosi; Dir Intgvt Aff, Labor; LA, Sandlin )
BUCHANAN, DEE (covered positions: COS,RepConf;COS/DCOS/LD,Hensarling;DepCommDir,Gramm )
Bullock, Tony (covered positions: Chief of Staff, Senator Daniel Moynihan )
Giblin, Chris (covered positions: COS, Cong. Carter; LD, Norwood; LA, Fields )
Lass, Conrad A (covered positions: SpcAsst/COS, BLM;LA,Thomas;Asst,Simpson )
Mercado, Moses (covered positions: Dep Chief of Staff, Gephardt; Chief of Staff, Green )
O'Neill, William S (covered positions: SrStaff/PolAdv,HouseCommGovReform;LD,Roe )
Taylor, Gordon (covered positions: COS/LD/Coun,John;Leg Asst/Press Secy,Hayes )
WILCOX, ALISSA (covered positions: Scheduler, Senator Ben Nelson )

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